4 Virtual Work Etiquette Tips When Working from Home


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Remote work has shown a rising trend over the past few months due to the coronavirus outbreak. While many find delight in working from home, showing importance to work decorum should still be kept in mind as this will make you look professional and respectful of your peers.

It’s easy to forget you’re still at work when you’re in a relaxed home environment. Thus, professional work etiquette is still highly encouraged even when you’re just lounging on your couch, sipping on a cup of coffee. If you’re new to working from home or just wondering what to do, read on to discover the proper work etiquette to maintain professionalism and work relationships.



One way of developing a work routine at home is getting dressed just like you would in the office. You may choose to wear your sweatpants or undergarment on your lower half. People won’t see that during video conferences, but maintaining a look of professionalism, at least on what people can see, can go a long way.

Getting dressed for work also reinforces a routine and enhances your productivity throughout the day, just like how we at Future Brands do it. One of the factors that contribute to our teams’ high-performance rate is the way we present ourselves accordingly— in casual, comfortable, yet professional get up.

We also recommend preparing for work like you’re still going to the office. Doing this keeps your motivation to work relatively high compared to jumping straight to your laptop right after you wake up.



Most of the time, communication in a remote setting is via instant messaging apps like Slack, MS Teams, Skype, etc. Long, drawn-out emails are only necessary for certain situations where formality is required.

Keeping a casual tone lightens up the conversation and draws out more motivation and creativity as opposed to a professional, monotonous tone. Talk as if you’re speaking to them in the office on a regular day.

This is how we do it better at Future Brands our company environment is built on a laid-back yet learning-based culture, balancing work commitments and leisure time through fun yet informative team activities. 



It can be tempting to go somewhere or go on social media when you’re working from home. Many distractions are at an arm’s reach in a remote work setting, so it’s best to remove them or resist the urge to get busy with something else other than work.

Make yourself available for meetings, inquiries, or any tasks. Keep your notifications on and let your leader know if you’re going to be away from the keyboard.



It’s common courtesy to keep quiet when someone is talking, and the same applies to a work-from-home setup. Find a quiet place when you have meetings, preferably somewhere with low background noise and less potential for noise disturbance. Imagine yourself in a video conference, and your co-worker has a dog barking in the background throughout the meeting. Annoying? Of course.



There are unspoken rules and etiquette to follow while working from home, and it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you and your team. Working from home is not an excuse to be unprofessional, so it’s still necessary to follow the usual workplace etiquette even from home. Don’t be that reporter guy who was caught live on air with no pants. Practice these workplace etiquette and make your remote work transition smoother.

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