7 Stress-Relief Products You Should Keep on Your Work Desk


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No matter how much you love your job, stressful times are inevitable, especially amid tight deadlines and a jam-packed schedule. All that worrying can cause major havoc on your mental and emotional health unless you find ways to manage stress.  

Aside from taking clarity breaks and time to breathe, some desk items can be very helpful in getting you through the day. This Stress Awareness Month, consider sprucing up your workspace with these elements that won’t distract you from work but will actually make you more productive by calming your senses and instantly reducing stress.  

Take a look at our top picks. 


1. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser 

Soothe your senses in aromatic oils proven to alleviate tension and uplift your mood throughout the day. All you need is a nice oil diffuser that’s compact enough for your desk. With a ton of fragrances to choose from, feel free to take which concoction to diffuse depending on your needs.  

Got a nerve-wracking presentation? Bask in the calming scent of lavender, which is scientifically believed to ease anxiety and regulate emotions. Want a caffeine-free way to stay alert and awake? Try jasmine oil to boost your energy. Woke up with a bad headache after pulling an all-nighter? Get a whiff of frankincense oil its musky aroma is believed to be effective for pain relief.  

Pick your potion, add a few drops into the diffuser, and let the aromatic vapor take your stress away. 


2. Stress Relief Roller Blends 

If you want to fully immerse yourself in aromatherapy, roller blends are your best pick. Essential oils, when topically applied, actually result in a myriad of holistic health benefits with their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Here’s the fun part: you can mix and match scents to create your own healing serum. For starters, here’s a recipe that promotes mental balance: add three drops each of spruce, cedarwood, juniper berry, and white fir essential oils. Fill the concoction with your preferred carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and shake well. And there you have it—your personal roller blend for a harmonious mind. 

Whenever you’re feeling pressured at work, just grab your favorite essential oils, mix and dilute on a mild carrier oil, and roll on your wrist and temples. Breathe, sit back, and treat your senses to a unique comforting experience. 


3. Succulents 

If your workspace feels like a battlefield, make it an environment of tranquility with succulents and relaxing greenery. Along with stimulating the space and brightening up the mood, plants also help improve air quality in your space by reducing carbon dioxide levels and airborne dust. This is the therapeutic value that comes with caring for plants. 

In fact, scientists recommend the presence of plants in workspaces. Greenery in the environment can result in a positive change in the psychosocial working area while providing a feeling of wellbeing. 

To improve your memory and banish anxiety, place a small pot of rosemary on your desk. For cleaner air and more vibrant space, chrysanthemum is the ideal succulent. Looking to lessen your bouts of headache and eye strain? Then snake plant is the ideal plant for you. 


4. Fidget Toy 

Your stress-relief stash wouldn’t be complete without a fidget toy that you can squish and splat to your heart’s extent. It’s fun, effective in releasing tension, enhances focus, and improves fine motor skills 

While some may argue that these toys are counterproductive, fidgeting is actually a natural habit as it’s our body’s way of releasing restless energy. Therefore, fidget toys are self-regulation tools that help sharpen our attention and calm us down. 

The most common type of fidget toy is the spinner. Research suggests that its long spinning time is vital in maintaining mental focus and practicing increased concentration. For a fun fidget toy that looks more discreet and more suitable for a business setting, try an infinity cube, which you can flip and fold in countless ways. Perhaps you may want to unleash the inner child in you with a cute push pop bubble fidget toy, which gives you the satisfaction of popping a bubble wrap without the rubbish. 

Fidget toys shouldn’t be too big and take up much of your working space, so it’s best to go for handy ones that you can easily grab from your organizer. 


5. Scalp Massager 

Experience a professionallevel scalp massage right in the comfort of your work desk with a scalp massager. A good head massage is a surefire way to alleviate anxiety and pressure instantly, and a scalp massager exactly does the job.  

What’s better about this handy stress-reliever is that it encourages blood circulation on the head, promoting hair growth.  

Since stress and hair fall are associated with each other, this is the perfect solution that targets both problems. All it takes is a nice scalp massage. 


6. Buddha Board 

See your stressful thoughts literally vanish right before your eyes with a Buddha board. It’s sleek, it’s stylish, and it’s highly efficient in getting your mind into a clearer state. 

A Buddha board allows you to tap into your creative side as you channel your innermost thoughts, materializing them by painting on the board. The concept is simple: simply dip the brush into the water and paint whatever you desire. See every stroke disappear slowly, allowing you to focus, meditate, and live in the moment. 

Pro tip: draw something you want to forget, perhaps a bad thought or a stressful encounter, and watch it evaporate, leaving you a blank canvas and a new opportunity to begin painting again. 


7. Healthy Snacks 

If stress eating is your thing, it’s time to put a stop to this unhealthy habit. Emotional eating just leads to overeating, which results in weight gain and eventually, serious health issues.  

Switch from junk to actual comfort food and drinks such as nuts, dried fruit, homemade granola, and green tea. Keep your stash in sight by storing them in small tin containers on your desk, so that whenever you’re craving, simply grab a pack of nuts and chamomile tea for a light yet refreshing treat. 





What takes a workspace environment from plain and stressful to functional and reenergizing? The right items to put on your desk. These products are essential to turning your workspace into something fun and worthy of the productive professional that you are. 

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