Here’s Why Voice Search Trend is Growing and Here to Stay


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5 Reasons Why the Voice Search Trend is Growing 


Every day we wake up to new technology, whether it’s a new gadget, game, or software, we are bound to get surprised the moment we see them rise. However, that’s not exactly the case with voice search.

The rise of voice search barely made anyone shocked because secretly, people anticipated this to happen. Especially when mobile search volume began to compete with desktop searches in the early 2015 and voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa were rolled out.  

It’s just a matter of time for voice search to participate in the trends. 


1. AI is on the rise 


It’s a mobile world domination! 

Webmasters know this: mobile traffic surged up to more than 50%, beating desktop user traffic by June 2019. Google came prepared for this surge and notified webmasters of the mobile-first indexing policy for the whole web — that means Googlebot will first acknowledge your mobile pages for indexing using Google smartphone for crawling. 

With the unstoppable growth of mobile users around the globe, voice search continuous to gain traction too. Considering that most tablets and smartphones are now equipped with this functionality through AI voice assistants Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, a whopping 41% of the population now uses voice search at least once daily. 

Do we expect this number to increase? Yes.  

In fact, a recent study shows that over 34 million smart speaker devices were sold in 2018 alone. Voice speaker technology usage is projected to rise by 48% yearly as people grow more comfortable interacting with voice-equipped devices. 


2. It’s good for SEO 


How is voice search thriving in this? 

Well, with the technology advancements particularly on how search engines adapt to people’s way of browsing the web, around 75% of results from voice search will rank in the top three positions of desktop search results.  

This statistic drives SEO content managers to optimize for voice search. And in doing so, they should first embrace how people are now searching the web where quality content is the utmost priority rather than exactly matched key terms. 

As we know, quality content goes beyond good grammar and structure. It also equates to content that is valuable to the users. What do they need? Will your content answer their question? Does your content provide new information? 

The voice search trend increases because while more people learn to coexist with their voice-enabled devices, SEO and webmasters alike learn to adapt to the user search behavior. In other words, there’s no turning back now on voice search. 


3. What you say is what you get 


Voice search technology is probably the digital gods’ gift to the internet population. And to the eCommerce industry, too! 

As this technology grows to be more conversational, people tend to utilize this in their daily lives as much as they can. From casual browsing to asking places where to eat, shops to buy from, which product or service is the best, and so on.  

Voice search results have an accuracy of — wait for it — 95% when the English language is used.  

Search engines, since the increase in mobile traffic, started to gradually shy away from keywords and are now slowly adapting to conversations. In fact, long-tail keywords and those that are structured as sentences or questions tend to display more quality search results.  

With voice search, we enter a digital world of less typing but more valuable results.  

Casual browsers and consumers can conveniently say what they want and their voice assistants will give them the results they need.   


4. All-Age appropriate 


The beauty of voice search lies in its inclusivity. It is convenient and user-friendly to all users regardless of age.  

Since the older age group is not as familiar as the millennials and generation z with the recent advancements in technology, they tend to step back a bit from gadgets and technology all-in-all.  

But, gone are the days when only the young ones in the family are technologically-adept. With voice-activated devices, technology is made easier to understand and use. All we have to do is press a button, speak, and that’s it!  

This functionality is greatly advantageous to business owners and online entrepreneurs. Now, they can widen their market reach and possibly target a broader age group, particularly the older generation. 


5. It simply makes life easier 


Generally, artificial Intelligence is designed to assist us in tasks and make things easier.  

Voice search technology comes to the rescue for people on-the-go and those who are busy with a lot of things on their plate. A voice-activated device is like having an assistant anytime you need and anywhere you go. 


Voice search is here to stay 


Through the years, we’ve come a long way in the digital world. And as voice search technology increases its appeal, we can look forward to a future of convenience, accuracy, and a more friendly co-existence between users and AI voice assistants. 

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