How to Be Productive: 10 Healthy Work-From-Home Habits


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The global workspace trends are rapidly changing with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are transitioning to remote operations, bringing about shifts in the workplace culture. Telecommuting grants employees the comfort and flexibility to work from home, but also brings up fresh challenges along the way.    

Are you new to telecommuting and finding it hard to stay productive after the initial excitement that comes with your new working conditions? Or have you been working remotely for some time, and you feel that your productivity is waning? 

Here are 10 healthy habits to be productive working from home. 


1. Get in the habit of starting your day early. 

Staying in bed for just a little longer can be tempting when you’re working from home. It’s hard to leave the comforts of your sheets and get the day rolling. To avoid slacking off, start your day early by having the same schedule as you would if you were working in an office. This gives you an extra boost of motivation throughout the day. 


2. Set up your dedicated workspace and work there. 

Productivity is hindered when distractions are everywhere, especially when you’re at home. No pesky co-worker is watching your every move, and productivity just plummets when no one’s around to watch you. By assigning a dedicated place for work, you can help switch your brain from couch potato mode to work mode.


3. Plan out your tasks and projects for the entire day. 

Having a clear goal of what to do can motivate you to work on those goals compared to randomly doing tasks. Hold yourself accountable for the mini-projects you set for the day. This is also helpful in figuring out which times of the day you’re most productive in doing specific tasks. 

Our employees at Future Brands do it better by upholding these core values— being goal-oriented, efficient, and having a good work ethic. 


4. Listen to stimulating music. 

“Music is food for the soul”. Well, it turns out that not only is it good for the soul, but it also boosts productivity and energy throughout the day. You might be into jazz, pop, or hip-hop, whatever it is, find your groove and hop on to it. If you can’t choose a song, just match the song to your task at hand. Instrumental music is an excellent choice for enhancing focus and drive. 

5. Take a break and move around. 

Sometimes, we can be too absorbed in a task we forget to relax and cool our brains. Continuing work for lengthy periods is not healthy and will lead you to be less productive. Go take a walk outside, prepare snacks, do some light chores, what’s important is you get out of work mode and take a breather. 


6. Hydrate and nourish your body well. 

Be mindful of what you eat. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body, and the reverse is the same. Ensure that you’re drinking enough water and getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs. Brain foods like coffee, dark chocolate, blueberries, etc., are recommended if you feel like your mind is foggy and you can’t think well. 


7. Keep busy and ride that momentum. 

Procrastination is a big hurdle when working remotely. Even if you don’t feel like working, just get started on a task and focus on it. Once you get busy, it will be easier to work on more things as you go. Set yourself in motion and you’ll be unstoppable! Don’t forget to take breaks. 


8. Pace yourself to prevent burnout. 

This might seem counterintuitive with the previous habit. You might wonder, “How can I do those things simultaneously?” Yes. Keeping busy is one way to boost productivity, but don’t overdo it. Break your projects into chunks and allocate time for each of them. Speeding through tasks is exhausting, and you’re left with an empty tank at the end of the day. 


9. Socialize with other people. 

Go talk to people once in a while. Don’t be a shut-in and lose the emotional stability of having human connections. This can be hard when you’re home alone, but technology is your friend. Hop on video conferences, call your friends, lover, and family. You’re human too – you need social interaction. 

One of the ways Future Brands encourage camaraderie among our people is by setting up our own social networking page where our members can collaborate and connect, cultivating warm and friendly company culture. 


10. Avoid overworking; you’ll never run out of work to do. 

There’s always more work to do tomorrow. It’s an endless wheel of tasks; don’t get caught up in it. Again, this goes back to pacing yourself and planning your tasks efficiently. There’s only so much one person can do in a day. Overworking can lead to stress, insomnia, and mental fatigue. So, start your day fresh and end it ready to take on more tasks tomorrow. 



Whether you’re new to the remote work setup or a seasoned digital nomad, these tips will help keep your productivity rate up and going. Incorporate these habits into your routine for a healthier and more productive work-from-home experience.

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