The A-Method of Hiring by Dr. Geoff Smart


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Before the A-Method, there was no clear way of how hiring should be done. It was a circus at best with companies trying different approaches. In the spirit of #doingitbetter, Future Brands adopted a sound and easy way to replicate the system.

The company chose A-Method because of the measurable and logical approach to hiring. The technique redirects human resources and management where they should place their focus.


It emphasizes hiring the right people.

A major factor in the company’s success has been who we give positions to. Too often we focus on “what” needs to get done and we forget about who we’re relying on.

At Future Brands, the indicators that we have hired the right person are when they display goal-orientedness and hunger for achievement; when they possess the ability to actively contribute to a team; and when they show integrity.


It’s non-discriminatory.

Through it, we’ve been able to recruit valuable talent from different parts of the world.

The A-Method pushes hiring managers to look beyond any hidden biases that may have otherwise affected hiring decisions without a clear guide.


It’s simple and structured.

The concept is easy to grasp and the execution is straightforward.

As long as the decision-makers follow the steps, they’re highly likely to come to a satisfactory decision.

In the time we’ve used it, our company has made several milestones towards achieving our goal as we added one employee then another.


Dr. Geoff cites the four steps as follows:


1. Scorecard

It lists the important details and criteria for picking the right candidate. The information would be divided into four categories:

· Mission

· It states the job the job-seeker is applying for.

· Outcome

· It’s the company’s responsibility to clearly define what’ll be expected of the person holding the position.

· Competencies

· These are the skills that classify a person as an A-player, especially those necessary for the job you’re hiring.

· Cultural Competencies

· Maintaining an environment that upholds the company values should be a priority when choosing the people to join any team.

Remember to assign a weight to each one criterion so the average score will better reflect the candidate’s fit for the role and business.


2. Source

A firm mustn’t rely on the pool of candidates that respond to their job ad. They need to actively search for a person who fits the company’s needs.


3. Select

The simplest of all four steps – Select. The decision should be made based on the ratings assigned to each applicant on their scorecards.


4. Sell

Leaving a company or turning down other opportunities is a big decision. It’s essential to give the applicant strong reasons to choose your offer at every step of the process.

Remind them why they were drawn to the opportunity and let them know it’ll be worth the leap.


Final Thoughts

The A-Method of Hiring by Dr. Geoff Smart provides sound advice on how to conduct the job search.

It’s worth looking into for any organization, whether there’s a hiring system in place or not. It has brought our company significant results.

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